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A.I Training in Reproduction Management

Breeding Cow Accelerated Genetics understands that a successful reproduction program is not only learning how to breed cows, but that there is a whole system needed to find the right cows in heat and to breed them at the right time. The Accelerated Genetics’ team can provide you or your employees with the knowledge and training skills needed to manage your breeding program efficiently. Our experienced professionals can provide training schools in your area or arrange for on-farm training of herdspersons or employees covering Artificial Insemination and Heat Detection, and Tail Chalk Management Systems. Our group of reproduction specialist can also provide these training in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

A.I. School Training includes:

  • Cow Reproductive Anatomy
  • Cow Reproductive Physiology
  • Breeding Kit and Components
  • Estrus Cycle
  • Insemination Procedure - both using reproductive tracts and live animals
  • Nitrogen Tank and its Care
  • Record Keeping
  • Sanitation

  • Semen Handling and Quality Assurance
  • Heat Detection Overview

Tail Chalk:

  • Synchronization Protocols for Timed Artificial Insemination
  • Trouble Shooting Breeding and Conception Problems
  • Cattle Handling Facilities
  • Chalk & Breed Training

View an A.I. Training Power Point Presentation English

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View an A.I. Training Power Point Presentation Spanish/EspanolPPT Spanish Image

Thawing Procedure

All Accelerated Genetics semen should be thawed in warm water with careful attention given to the time a straw remains in the water and the temperature of the gun.
  1. Shake a straw once or twice before placing it in a warm waterbath to help prevent the cotton plug from blowing out.
  2. Thaw straws in a waterbath set at 95 degrees F. Automatic AC/DC thawing units with thermometers are available through Accelerated Genetics.
  3. Place the frozen straw into the waterbath immediately after it has been removed from the liquid nitrogen unit. The sealed end of the straw should remain just above water level.
  4. Straws are to be thawed in a 95 degree F waterbath for a minimum of 45 seconds. The straw can remain safely in the waterbath until you are in a protected area then remove and dry thoroughly with a clean paper towel and place into a warm insemination gun. Cut the crimped end and cover with a sheath. Inseminate as soon as possible upon thawing.


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