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Wheat Pro Milk and Wheat Protein Milk ReplacerPerformance Plus - All Milk 20% Protein 20% Fat

BIO-MOS 20% protein from all milk sources for high digestibility and performance 20% fat for high-energy intake and greater rate of gain. Also available in two medications: Neo-Terramycin (Oxytetracycline -125 grams/ton and Neomycin Base - 250 grams/ton) to aid in the prevention of bacterial diarrhea (scours) and Deccox (Decoquinate - 45.4 grams/ton) for the prevention of coccidiosis in nonruminating and ruminating calves and cattle caused by E. bovis and E. zumii.
 Non-Medicated 50 lbs.
30426 Medicated with Deccox 50 lbs.

Hi-Performance Plus - All Milk 22% Protein, 20% Fat

BIO-MOS 22% protein from all milk sources for high digestibility and performance. 20% fat for high-energy intake and greater rate of gain. Fortified with Tri-Mic WD Accelerated Genetics' exclusive Direct-Fed Microbial(DFM) for calves which establishes and promotes the growth of healthy digestive bacteria for optimum growth feed conversions and earlier weaning. Also fortified with important vitamins and trace minerals.
 Non-Medicated 50 lbs.
30608 Medicated with Bovatec® 50 lbs.

Accel MAX

BIO-MOS 22% protein from all milk sources for high digestibility and performance. 20% fat for high-energy intake and greater rate of gain. Contains a natural gelling agent which has been shown to improve nutrient absorption. Can be bottle or pail fed. Fortified with important vitamins and trace minerals.
30606 Non-Medicated 50 lbs

Calf Accelerator All Milk 26% Protein, 15% Fat
Milk Replacer for Accelerated Feeding

BIO-MOS 26% protein from all-milk sources for maximizing lean muscle growth in young calves. 15% fat balanced to encourage earlier starter intakes. Fortified with important vitamins and chelated trace minerals. Formulated to be fed at higher rates to promote greater rates of gain in Holstein calves.
30611 Non-Medicated50 lbs.

Bio-Mos Supports Calf HealthBIO-MOS

Scours and digestive upsets continue to be the leading cause of illness and death in pre-weaned dairy calves. Much research has focused on identifying nutritional solutions that protect calves against bacterial scours. Providing a high-quality milk replacer with specific ingredients that support gut health is a key step toward keeping your calves healthy. Therefore, most Accelerated Genetics milk replacers now contain Bio-Mos, a natural feed ingredient that has been shown to decrease the incidence and severity of scours in calves.

Bio-Mos contains specific complex carbohydrates derived from the cell wall of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). Mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) are a major functional component of Bio-Mos that alter the ability of harmful bacteria to gain a foothold in the intestine and cause scours. Bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella must anchor themselves to the calf's intestinal wall in order to survive, reproduce, and colonize in the intestine, at which point they can cause intestinal damage and induce scours. Bio-Mos acts as a 'decoy' for these bacteria and preventing the bacteria from attaching to intestinal cells.

Research has shown that including Bio-Mos in milk replacer decreases scours severity compared with calves fed a non-medicated milk replacer, and that calves fed Bio-Mos had similar fecal scores but consumed more starter feed compared with calves fed antibiotics. While scours-causing bacteria are not always responsive to antibiotics, the mechanism by which Bio-Mos functions in the intestine likely supports a consistent response. In addition, the manufacturers of Bio-Mos (Alltech) employ a strict quality control process that ensures that Bio-Mos will possess high pathogen-binding ability. Bio-Mos is a proven nutritional tool that supports calf health, and is now included in most Accelerated Genetics milk replacers.

Benchmarks for Calf Performance and Health

Heifer calves are the future of the milking herd. Evidence is accumulating that indicates growth rate and health during the first 8 weeks of a calf's life can impact lactation performance as a cow. In order to evaluate the success of a calf program, calf raisers need to know where they stand in terms of calf growth rate and health, and compare those values against industry standards (i.e., benchmarks).


Growth: A general goal for calf growth, regardless of breed, should be to double the calf's birthweight by 60 days of age. For a 90-lb. calf, this means that the calf should gain 1.5 lbs./day in order to reach 180 lbs. by

60 days of age. Several factors influence calf growth, including breed, colostrum status, environmental pathogen load, type of calf housing, liquid feed source and feeding program, calf starter management, and weaning age. All these factors are interrelated, such that inadequacies in any area can influence the outcome of another. A conventional milk replacer program (20-20 or 22-20) can meet the goal of doubling birthweight by 60 days provided the other factors mentioned do not inhibit calf growth.


Health: Recent USDA data indicates that 7.8% of the heifer calves born and alive at 48 hours of age die prior to weaning, with the majority of deaths due to: 1) scours, diarrhea, or other digestive problems (56.5%), or 2) respiratory problems (22.5%). Less than 5% mortality from 48 hours of age until weaning is the recommended benchmark, but every calf raiser's goal should be to keep driving this number lower. Clearly, calf death loss is the least desirable outcome, but high incidence of calfhood diseases can significantly influence long-term productivity and profitability. Less than 25% of calves should be treated for disease prior to weaning. Death loss or treatment rates exceeding these benchmarks call for an investigation (in conjunction with your veterinarian, nutritionist, and/or calf specialist) to determine the source of infection and identify corrective actions.

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