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Conewango Inflations

Inflations Comprised of natural rubber providing for little or no break-in period slippage and a durable life. Maintaining healthy teats and high quality milk begins with Conewango inflations. Sizes available to fit most systems. Guaranteed satisfaction.

How Do I Know It's Time To Change Inflations?

Over extending the life of inflations can cause teat irritation and milk quality issues. To calculate the days between inflation changes:

{Number of Milking Units X Number of Cow Milkings Between Inflation Changes*}/
{Number of Cows Being Milked X Times Per Day Milking}

*Conewango recommends 1000 cow milkings between inflation changes.

For example: You have 100 cows that are being milked twice per day using 12 milking units.

{12 X 1000) = 12000
(100 X 2) = 200
(12000 / 200) = 60 days

In the case you should expect to change inflations every 60 days.

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